Volca Launch

We help you get your product to production faster than ever using the power of the Volca SaaS template in combination with +15 years of experience building everything from mission critical enterprise systems to apps for fast growing startups.

⚡ Reduce time to V1

By using the Volca SaaS template, you get common components such as authentication, user management, automated deployments and much more out of the box. This enables us to reduce the time to get your first version in production by months.

💰 No startup cost

Hiring senior developers today is hard and always comes with a cost. With Volca Launch, you only pay for the time we spend building your product.

🛠️ Minimize technical debt

Using a proven tech stack and design patterns, we make sure you get a solid code base that can be extended to support hundreds of developers.

👩‍🔬 Long term staffing

We help you find, coach and train permanent staff to continue development at a significantly lower burn rate after building V1.


Karl Eriksson

Karl Eriksson

2X Founder @ Micro SaaS Company

Cloud Architect @ OTT Streaming Service

Cloud Architect @ IoT Big Data Platform

Oskar Karlsson

Oskar Karlsson

CTO @ Startup

Cloud Architect @ Enterprise IAM Platform

Full Stack Developer @ Fintech