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SaaS Boilerplate and Starter Kit with Node.js and React

Create your SaaS using a starter kit built on proven Node and React patterns that accelerate your development and deployment speed.

Created by Oskar & Karl

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What is Volca?

Volca is a SaaS boilerplate and starter kit that to get your project up and running in days instead of months. When you buy Volca, you will get access to our monorepo including a static landing page, a React dashboard and a Node.js REST API.

Landing page

An important aspect of promoting your application and converting users is the design of your landing page.

That is why Volca includes a high performance static landing page. The website is designed to load quickly and is pre-rendered as static HTML files. The landing page can be easily customized to suit your needs.

A static site allows search engines to more easily crawl your site and can improve your search engine rankings.

Built with: React, TypeScript


The bread and butter of your SaaS product is the dashboard, this is where your customers will interact with your product.

Volca comes with a React dashboard where users can register, subscribe to your product and invite collaborators. You will get all the pages you need for a SaaS product such as authentication, payments, project management and more. Get straight to building the features that makes your product unique.

Built with: React, TypeScript


We use a decoupled architecture where you can easily swap out, change or use specific parts of the boilerplate.

To achieve this, Volca comes with a REST API that the dashboard communicates with from the start, but you can plug in any frontend app you want.

The API runs on a serverless architecture that is cost effective, secure and performant.

Built with: Node.js, TypeScript, AWS, Postgres


What can you expect?

Prebuilt functionality that you would otherwise need spend months developing before you launch your SaaS, drastically cutting down the time to market.


Secure and reliable authentication out of the box with AWS Cognito.

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Social Sign In

Increase conversion rate with social sign in through Apple, Google and Facebook.


Get paid by your users with Volcas built in subscription management powered by Stripe.


Deploy with confidence from day one. Volca comes with a complete CI/CD workflow using GitHub Actions.


Find and remedy production issues quickly.


Pay as you scale and stop spending time on managing servers. Volca runs on AWS Lambda out of the box.

Infrastructure as Code

Our infrastructure as code setup with AWS CDK allows you to deploy your SaaS with a single command.

Multi Tenancy

Allow your users to create a project and invite their team.


TypeScript is used in the API, the dashboard and the landing page.


What do our customers think?

Hear from customers who have built their SaaS using Volca

"Using Volca has saved us enormous amounts of time to get our project up and running. We get the boring stuff out of the way so that we can focus our resources on what defines the products that we are building."



"I love the decoupled methodology and the serverless stack that Volca is running on"


Principal Security Architect


Buy Volca

After purchasing Volca you will be invited to our GitHub repository where you will find the source code



Landing Page



Access to the Volca monorepo on GitHub

License for one project



Everything in Solo

Multiple GitHub collaborators



We help you get your product to production faster than ever using the power of the Volca SaaS boilerplate in combination with +15 years of experience building everything from mission critical enterprise systems to apps for fast growing startups.



Frequently asked questions about Volca. Can't find what you are looking for? Feel free to contact us.

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