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Volca comes with a smooth CI/CD setup powered by GitHub Actions out of the box. Ship features faster for your SaaS using an automated deployment strategy. Learn how we designed a CI/CD setup that ships changes to production in a fast, reliable and developer friendly way.


How is it built?

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GitHub Actions

With GitHub Actions, we define jobs with simple YAML-files in the code repository. These jobs are triggered when new changes are pushed to the repository. Volca comes with GitHub Actions for deployment, running tests and checking code quality on pull requests.


TypeScript offers the advantage of a typed language to ensure code reliability and catch potential errors early in the development process. TypeScript's strong type system enhances code readability and maintenance, making it easier to understand and update deployment scripts.


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The first step to design a CI/CD setup for your SaaS is to define a branching strategy. There are many ways of working with branches to make sure you work in a reliable and developer friendly way. Building Volca, we have focused on simplicity and developer experience while maintaining a reliable deployment flow. That is why we have went for a trunk based strategy where a single branch, the main branch, is the one that all developers branch off from.



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