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Volca is a serverless SaaS boilerplate that gives you everything you need to build serverless apps at light speed. Using serverless technologies for your SaaS you will avoid upfront infrastructure costs, scale your service automatically and save you the time required to manage servers.


How is it built?

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AWS Lambda

Volca uses AWS Lambda due to its automatic scaling, cost efficiency, and seamless integration with other AWS services. Its event-driven model and fast deployment capabilities makes it well-suited for the dynamic needs of SaaS applications.

AWS API Gateway

AWS API Gateway enables the creation, deployment, and management of APIs at scale, seamlessly integrating with AWS Lambda for serverless execution. With features like auto-scaling, security controls, and easy integration with various AWS services, API Gateway streamlines the development and maintenance of scalable and secure APIs.


AWS CDK (Cloud Development Kit) enables building your SaaS with an infrastructure-as-code approach, by defining cloud resources using TypeScript. CDK simplifies the deployment and management of infrastructure, promoting efficient and consistent development practices for SaaS applications while providing a high level of flexibility in resource provisioning.


PostgreSQL is used in Volca for to its robust features, extensibility, and open-source nature. With support for complex queries, transactions, and scalability, PostgreSQL provides a reliable foundation for managing and storing data in SaaS applications, while its active community and ecosystem contribute to long-term support and adaptability.


Volca uses AWS S3 for hosting of the React customer dashboard as well as for file uploads. S3 provides a scalable and durable object storage with low latency.

AWS CloudFront

Content delivery network (CDN) that enhances the performance, scalability, and security of web applications. With its global network of edge locations, CloudFront accelerates content delivery, reduces latency, and seamlessly integrates with other AWS services.


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The dashboard that comes with Volca is built on React and hosted on AWS S3.



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