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Infrastructure as Code

All of Volcas AWS infrastructure is implemented in TypeScript with AWS CDK. All parts of the application are deployed with a single command that provisions the infrastructure for you.


How is it built?

Learn more about the technologies behind this feature.

AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK)

Enables developers to define infrastructure as code (IaC) using TypeScript. By using the high-level building blocks provided by CDK, developers can define cloud resources in a modular manner, allowing for easier maintenance, versioning, and collaboration. AWS CDK translates this code into CloudFormation templates, automating the provisioning and management of resources, making it a powerful tool for efficient and scalable IaC workflows on AWS.


By writing the Volca infrastructure in TypeScript, we get the advantage of TypeScript's type-checking capabilities, enhancing code quality and catching potential errors early in the development process. Additionally, TypeScript support in AWS CDK allows for a more robust and maintainable infrastructure-as-code approach, providing a seamless development experience when defining and deploying cloud resources on AWS.


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The infrastructure for Volcas React dashboard React application is deployed as a separate CloudFormation stack containing an S3 bucket and a CloudFront distibution.


Before you deploy to your AWS account it needs to be bootstrapped by running the following command:

yarn setup:aws

Once the setup is complete you will have to point your domain to the name servers that got created. There is more information in the Volca docs on how to do this. When you have pointed your domain to your new Volca environment, you can deploy all of the services to your environment with this command:

yarn cdk deploy -c environment=production --all

When the deployment is complete, everything will be live on your domain and you can start using it!



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