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Use Case

Admin Dashboard

Admin Dashboard Template - React, Chakra UI and TypeScript

Volca is an Admin Dashboard UI Template with pages and components for authentication, payments, control panel and project management. Shorten the time that it takes to develop a beautiful Admin Dashboard using React and Chakra UI. Volca was designed by developers who love beautiful and clean web apps and who have worked for some of the top technology startups in Europe.

The Volca Admin Dashboard comes with a complete backend API and infrastructure as code. This means you do not have to worry about setting up an API for your admin dashboard. Instead, you can focus on what matters in your business.

Tech Stack

ReactFrameworkReact is the most popular library for frontend framework and has a strong developer community.
ChakraUI Library Simple, modular and customizable UI components.
TypescriptLanguage TypeScript enables you to write type safe frontend and backend applications while still using the vast resources libraries that come with the JavaScript ecosystem.


What can you expect?

Prebuilt functionality that you would otherwise need spend months developing before you launch your SaaS, drastically cutting down the time to market.


Secure and reliable authentication out of the box with AWS Cognito.

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Social Sign In

Increase conversion rate with social sign in through Apple, Google and Facebook.


Get paid by your users with Volcas built in subscription management powered by Stripe.


Deploy with confidence from day one. Volca comes with a complete CI/CD workflow using GitHub Actions.


Find and remedy production issues quickly.


Pay as you scale and stop spending time on managing servers. Volca runs on AWS Lambda out of the box.

Infrastructure as Code

Our infrastructure as code setup with AWS CDK allows you to deploy your SaaS with a single command.

Multi Tenancy

Allow your users to create a project and invite their team.


TypeScript is used in the API, the dashboard and the landing page.



Frequently asked questions about Volca. Can't find what you are looking for? Feel free to contact us.

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