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Volca integrates with Stripe to provide secure payments out of the box. Connect your SaaS to Stripe by adding your API key to the configuration file along with your products and you are up and running with subscriptions in less than an hour.


How is it built?

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We use Stripe for to its seamless integration, developer-friendly API, and robust security features. The platforms flexibility, comprehensive documentation, and global reach make it an ideal solution for startups and established companies alike looking to streamline the monetization aspect of their SaaS products.


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After you have created your products in Stripe, add their price IDs to the Volca app.config.ts file. Each environment in the config has a list of available plans and price ids.

// app.config.ts
plans: [
id: PlanId.BASIC,
stripePriceId: '<price-id>',
id: PlanId.PLUS,
stripePriceId: '<price-id>',
id: PlanId.PREMIUM,
stripePriceId: '<price-id>',



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