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Volca comes with a logging setup that aligns with best practices for TypeScript and Node.js. A good logging setup enables you to quickly find, diagnose and fix issues in production.


How is it built?

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TypeScript's explicit type annotations and IDE support enhance code readability and facilitate seamless navigation and refactoring, making it a reliable choice for implementing a maintainable logging solution in Node.js and TypeScript applications.

AWS CloudWatch

AWS CloudWatch is a powerful logging solution due to its seamless integration with other AWS services, allowing you to aggregate and analyze logs for your SaaS. CloudWatch provides real-time insights, automatic scaling, and comprehensive monitoring capabilities, making it a versatile and efficient choice for managing logs for SaaS applications.


Winston is a widely-used logging library for Node.js and TypeScript. This library allows developers to tailor logging output to various environments and needs. Its modular design, combined with customizable log formats and levels, makes it a trusted choice for the Volca boilerplate.


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CloudWatch Logs Insights enables flexible querying of logs to quickly debug issues.


The default logger comes preconfigured with formatting and default log levels.

Here is an example of how it's used in the code base:

import { Logger } from '../utils/logger';
const logger = new Logger();
try {
} catch (error: unknown) {
logger.error('Failed to do something');
throw error;

By default, a correlation ID will be attached to each log row that happens during an API request. This correlation ID can later be used in CloudWatch Logs Insights to query for all logs during an API request. This is very helpful during advanced troubleshooting. Here is an example of how a log row can look with all metadata included:

"timestamp": "2022-10-29 14:52:55.1623",
"level": "info",
"message": "saving entity in database",
"correlationId": "83b7925b-3619-4b74-97da-b8aac0635321"



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